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By connecting students with super educators and learners from across the globe, Learner’s Note is helping learners reach their goals and explore themselves further.

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About Learners Note

We have over 20 years of experience in the field of Information Technology. For the past 5 years our research has been focused on finding a safe online learning environment for our children. Our head office is located Canada, plus we have offices in UAE and India. We are having 1000+ satisfied clients in North America and Asian Pacific countries.


To help our learners to reach their goals and explore themselves further. We wish to reflect a change in the digital learning environment where each student can learn at his/her own pace and grasp concepts with ease without worrying about being left behind.


Our goal is to find what your child is passionate about and support them while their dreams come true. With technological innovations and development, Learners Note attempts to create a safe and secure eLearning space for your child as they grow.

Here to Transform

Talent sure is universal but, in the rapidly changing times we’re in, opportunities are difficult to grab. With Learner’s Note, never miss out on an opportunity with our online resources, classes and Individualistic learning approach.

Introducing Super

Learner’s Note has a team of very passionate educators who are very open to share their knowledge. They’re experts who not only teach but ensure they keep learning upcoming technologies to deliver up-to-date content to their students.

Affordable Learning

To ensure our classes reach all and empower all strata of society, our course pack fees have been made extremely affordable. To truly revolutionize education, this is a very essential step our team has taken. We strive to deliver quality education to all, with no compromises whatsoever.

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With experiential learning strategy being our core, our educators ensure learning is always done with activities and other kinesthetic ways. We care for your child and their future. We’re here to teach how to learn and apply the knowledge gained.

The Best Place to Grow

Learner’s Note functions in a very inclusive, diverse and open environment, aiming to contribute towards an individual’s personal and professional development. We have never been afraid to explore new opportunities and would love to guide all towards being inquisitive learners.

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Learner’s Note comprises a very fine-tuned and curated bunch of educators and coursepacks. At each step of learning, we have enabled activity-based learning and experiential learning strategies to satisfy the hunger for learning as well as development.

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